Our Company - Our Mission

We are strategically aligned to meet today’s world challenges by providing emerging regions with essential resources/commodities to shape their own infrastructures. We do this seamlessly and effortlessly to assure a long-standing business relationship between the two parties.

A multilingual team of experts has been assembled to bring intuitive and specific knowledge to our umbrella organization. Our senior management encompasses 25 years of worldwide importing/exporting and consulting experience securing our ongoing and superior global connections.  This strategy has laid the groundwork for a multifaceted, yet targeted and efficient company that delivers. Our global team members are far reaching and highly experienced in the following regions: United States, Albania, Brazil, Bosnia, China, Croatia, Dubai, France, Germany, Italy, Kosova, Libya, Macedonia, Montenegro, Norway, Poland, Slovenia Turkey, UK and certain Spanish speaking countries.

NON - Consumption Commodities

Construction and Building Materials • Selective Fuels (crude, refined, Jet fuel, D2 and D10) Chemical and Organic Fertilizers

Consumption Commodities
Cigars/Cigarettes • Burimi Water (bottling, packaging, distribution) • Cooking Oils • Corn • Flour • Organic and Refined Sugar • Fair Trade Coffee • Wheat • Soybeans • Rice • Beef • Chicken • Salt (all grades)

Energy and Mining
Lignite reserves about 14 billion tonnes. New power plant will add 1,000MW capacity, GDP increase of 17%. Demand for investments in new coalmines. Huge deposits of lead and zinc (Trepca mines). Gold and silver, ferronickel and magnesium.

Agriculture Sector
Suitable and fertile land (fruits and vegetables). Area of 1.1 million hectares. Private family small and fast growing farms. Bio products 0% tariff rates for agro inputs and capital goods. A long wine-making tradition. Opportunities in reviving livestock production, meat and dairy production.

Winter Tourism
One existing ski resort - soon to be privatized. Virgin skiing resort - potential

Industrial Park
24 Hectares of Land, 8 km from Prishtina Railway Station, 21km from Prishtina. Adjacent to Prishtina/Skopje Highway. Easy access to power, water, telecommunications , etc.

Our global real estate task force seeks out appropriate sites for corporate, residential, and international clients who are looking for properties in specific locales. With strong connections and country specific knowledge, we consult and broker transactions securing sought after real estate for our clients.

We will deliver superior and honorable products at competitive pricing. 100% guaranteed.