Ismet Berisha

President - IUSB

Ismet Berisha was born in Albania. Mr. Berisha came to the United States in 1960 after his dramatic escape from the Communist Regime of Yugoslavia. He is the Current President of the Albanian League, headquartered in the United States. His background is in the Insurance Industry for Pension, healthcare and disability for a major insurance company in the United States for over fifteen years. During the 1980s through the 1990s, he imported/exported wines and liquor from Europe to the US. Mr. Berisha owned and operated his business in the food industry for many years in several states. Through the years, Mr. Berisha has met and had a personal dealing with businesses to build relationships with the owners, Dignitaries from the US and many nations throughout the world for all types of business matters. Mr. Berisha is President of IUSB, International United States Business, LLC. Based out of Florida. With our business partners, we are able to bring funds to different countries for all types of government projects. The experience that Mr. Berisha brings forth is to help nations build up their economy, and countries to be strong, and their citizens live better lives.

Ismet Krasniqi

Vice President - IUSB

Mr. Ismet Krasniqi is the Vice President of IUSB in the United States. He is Fluent in Albanian, English, French, Russian, German and Yugoslavian.Mr. Krasniqi has vast experience ranging from working in the medical field as a Radiologist Tech in Prishtine early in his working career, to working for UNICEF International in several rolls in New York, to running and managing a residential building, including the tenants and all the building related issues, effortlessly. Mr. Krasniqi has an uncanny ability to use his mild manner, even tempered personality to handle the most difficult situations and negotiate with positive results. Mr. Krasniqi is on the Albanian/American Committee for Balkan Human Rights as, President, and is a long-time member of the Executive Committee for the Albanian League of Prizeren in the United States.

Carol Emont

Secretary and Treasurer, Communication Director

Carol Emont was born in Connecticut. Carol always had a passion for real estate. Her parent’s hobby is real estate, they would go to different properties when she was young child and hears her father negotiate real estate deals. When she became of age to purchase property, her passion is negotiating the real estate deal. Ms. Emont’s background is owner of several different businesses. She has owned and operated a pharmacy, daycare center (featured on Good Morning America, television series in 1997), and ocean front hotel in New Jersey.

Ms. Emont is a family-oriented person with two girls and two grandchildren. They are in their late 20’s and early 30’s. One is a teacher, and the other is an attorney. Ms. Emont has several hobbies besides her real-estate career. Carol loves to flying planes, walking for miles and miles, reading and cooking/baking. Ms Emont is a Licensed Real Estate Broker in Florida and holds a Pilots license.

Currently, Ms. Emont is a Corporate Officer and Executive Director of Operations for IUSB based in Florida. Ms. Emont brings knowledge along with the expertise of business partnership of IUSB to help with funding of government projects of all sizes to help make the world a better place for future generations